Reglas de Incapacitacion Modificadas

La página 90 del manual detalla las reglas cortas de Incapacitación. Para este juego utilizaremos las reglas estándar de Incapacitación de Savage Worlds, las cuales se detallan a continuación. En paralelo a este cambio, se están añadiendo dos nuevos Edges, "Hard to Kill" y "Harder to Kill," que permiten aminorar el impacto de estas reglas. Los Edges se encuentran detallados en la página Wiki de Nuevos Edges.


An Incapacitated hero must make an immediate Vigor roll, applying wound modifiers as applicable. This does not count as an action.

  • Raise: The hero is only stunned.The hero still has 3 wounds, but is not Incapacitated. He is Shaken and suffers a temporary impairment as well. Roll 2d6 on the Injury Table. The effects are short-term and go away when the combat is over.
  • Success: The hero is unconscious. He regains consciousness with a successful Healing roll, as noted above, or after an hour has passed. Roll 2d6 on the Injury Table. The injury goes away when all wounds are healed.
  • Failure: The victim is Bleeding Out. At the start of each round, he must make another Vigor roll (with applicable penalties). A failure means he has to roll again next round. A result of 1 or less means the poor sap dies (as a Critical Failure). Success means he stabilizes but remains unconscious until healed. Roll 2d6 on the Injury Table as well. The injury is permanent and requires specialist healing and a lot of time (months). With nonlethal damage, treat this as a Success except the hero is unconscious for 1d6 hours.
  • Critical Failure: The hero is dead. Nothing can bring him back. With nonlethal damage, treat this as a Success except the hero is unconscious for 2d6 hours.

Injury Table

Roll 2d6 on the table below. If the attack that caused the Injury was directed at a specific body part, use that location instead of rolling randomly.

  • 2: Unmentionables: If the injury is permanent, reproduction is out of the question without miracle surgery (practically nonexistent).
  • 3-4: Arm: Roll the left or right arm randomly; it's rendered useless.
  • 5-9: Guts: Your hero catches one somewhere between the crotch and the chin. Roll 1d6:
    • 1-2: Broken: Agility reduced a die type (min d4).
    • 3-4: Battered: Vigor reduced a die type (min d4).
    • 5-6: Busted: Strength reduced a die type (min d4).
  • 10: Leg: Roll left or right leg randomly. It's rendered uselss and Pace reduced by 1.
  • 11-12: Head: A grievous injury to the head. Roll 1d6:
    • 1-2 Hideous Scar: Your hero now has the Ugly Hindrance.
    • 3-4 Blinded: An eye is damaged. Gain the One Eye Hindrance (or the Blind Hindrance if he only had one good eye).
    • 5-6 Brain Damage: Massive trauma to the head. Smarts reduced one die type (min d4).


Reglas de Incapacitacion Modificadas

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